The team has been branded as AlphaTauri – the clothing subsidiary of the Red Bull group – since the 2020 season.

However, as recently revealed by Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko, that deal is coming to end, creating the opportunity to rebrand the Faenza outfit next season.

It’s not yet clear whether the team will be named after a sponsor, or a generic chassis name will be created to which a title sponsor could be attached.
If the latter route is chosen the change from AlphaTauri obviously creates the opportunity to return to the Toro Rosso name, but Tost has suggested that priority could be given to a new sponsor.

When asked if the old name could be used, he said: “I don’t think so. I think there’s another possibility to get more money out of it.”

He added: “First of all, at this period of the year, all the teams negotiate with sponsors. And of course, we have also negotiations, and the title sponsor is very attractive one, and we will see then what the negotiations will bring in the next months.

“But currently, we are talking to different companies. Fortunately, there is a big interest in Scuderia AlphaTauri. But nothing is confirmed, nothing is signed so far. And this will also not happen in the next few days. I think this will take a few months until everything has been fixed.”

New AlphaTauri CEO Peter Bayer confirmed that it is important for the team to establish a strong identity, hinting that there could be a name that is not necessarily connected to a sponsor.

“Probably what Helmut was referring to is actually an internal discussion about exactly that,” said Bayer of Marko’s earlier revelation. “How can we create an identity for the team that is less dependent on the title sponsor, that gives us continuity and a strong baseline, rather than changing from Toro Rosso to AlphaTauri and so on?

“So that’s exactly what we’re currently discussing. And I think that’s what Helmut was really referring to.

“We’re in a competition not only on the track, we’re in a competition for sponsors, for media, for attention of fans, for everything. And for that, people need to know what you stand for.”

Regarding possible title sponsors that would sit alongside such a name, he said: “Part of that rebranding exercise and establishing a set of values and a portfolio of this of this team is obviously discussing with a couple of sponsors.

“And with those sponsors we are offering them, and we are discussing the option of also having the title partnership from the team. Unfortunately, because we are bound by NDAs, we can’t disclose any details.

“But yes, we are, we are actively discussing title partnerships with partners and to move forward. Currently, we have AlphaTauri. That’s a deal that’s valid and functioning, and we are very proud of it, to the end of this year.

“But as that one is running out, we are now discussing with others about the options of moving forward. That’s happening.”


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