Teams have let their charter negotiating period with NASCAR expire without another extension, as frustration builds amid the sides heading into the start of the 2024 racing season without an agreement.

However, as the calendar turns to February, sources say that teams unanimously agreed to not extend their agreement with NASCAR a further month, a symbolic move that appears designed to highlight their unhappiness with the state of the talks.

NASCAR technically does not need a deal with a majority or unanimous number of teams for there to be a new charter agreement, but teams are currently sticking together and NASCAR for the moment is negotiating with the teams’ self-appointed Team Negotiating Committee.

On that committee are Joe Gibbs Racing President Dave Alpern, RFK Racing President Steve Newmark, 23XI Racing investor Curtis Polk and Hendrick Motorsports Vice Chair Jeff Gordon. In the absence of a formal negotiation window, and with the current charter expiring in less than a year, teams could now technically go shop their rights to other racing series. NASCAR and the Race Team Alliance, a coalition of 15 NASCAR teams, both declined comment.

The exact remaining deal points that the sides are at loggerheads on was unclear, but teams have been seeking permanent charters among other asks on top of the additional revenue.

Although not a certainty, one of the sources familiar with the situation said that a deal was likely months away. Most industry executives believe a deal will be reached.


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