Before the 2014 season, Elite Motorsports team owner Richard Freeman partnered with Danielson Entertainment Group LLC and Design con Carne Inc. to capture on film the ins and outs of what turned out to be a championship season for his Pro Stock driver, Erica Enders.

Now, to finish Racing in Red, Enders and her team need your help. Fans can donate to the project to help complete it and become part of the race team, too. Through a Kickstarter funding page (, fans can learn how to earn prizes through sponsorship of the racing documentary.

“I’ve said over and over again that we have the best fans in the world,” Enders said. “Their support to us in this venture means the world to us. One of the most common questions I get when I sign autographs in the pit is, ‘When is there going to be a sequel to the movie (Right on Track)?’ Here is our opportunity, and the only way we can get it done is with the fans’ involvement. I’m thankful in advance for their contribution and their involvement in our team.”

The filmmaking team traveled with Enders and her Elite team through most of the triumphant 2014 season, capturing behind-the-scenes moments that most fans don’t get to see. They documented the highs and lows of Enders’ season, getting portraits of Enders and her team members, from owner Freeman and his family to crew chiefs Rick and Rickie Jones.

“It’s pretty amazing that Richard hired this company to film our season at the opening test session before 2014 started,” Enders said. “For them to have been there and captured our dream season is pretty surreal. I’m excited to see everything compiled and how it all turns out. It will give the fans a behind-the-scenes look at exactly what we went through to accomplish what we did.”

The film is estimated to be ready for distribution in July 2016.

You can learn more about Racing in Red at


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