After consulting with RCH team owners Carey Hart and Ricky Carmichael, Ken Roczen will sit out the next three weeks after aggravating an ankle injury sustained in Atlanta. Roczen re-injured the ankle in practice at Daytona and would sit out the night.

“It’s a tough decision but we can’t afford not to take this seriously,” explained Roczen. “I had it looked at again this week and we all decided that the only way my ankle is going to heal properly is if I take some time off. There’s a weekend off in between St. Louis and Houston so this will actually give me a month to recover. I’m really bummed because Daytona was the first race I missed in a long time. It’ll be tough to be on the sidelines but, if I continue to ride and keep aggravating my ankle, it’s not going to get any better. Unfortunately, it is what it is. For the next three races, I’ll be resting and cheering for Broc.”

Roczen, who has two race wins in 2015, is currently fourth in 450SX points.


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