Jamie McMurray provided a glimpse of NASCAR’s new high tech dashboard during a test at Kentucky Speedway.

The Chip Ganassi Racing driver sent out a series of Tweets on Monday while taking part in a Goodyear tire test that gave a couple views of what the new dashboard might look like when it’s implemented.

The dashboard has the ability to monitor a variety of data including lap times and tire pressure as well as keeping drivers informed on other items during pit stops.

NASCAR has stated at some point the information gathered through the new system would be available to fans and offer an interactive way to monitor a car’s performance.

In fact NASCAR rule book states the a digital dash display “may be used at all Events after August 5, 2015. Digital dash display use will not be permitted before August 5, 1015. Effective January 1, 2016, a digital dash display must be used at all Events.”

NASCAR’s Steve O’Donnell addressed the new dashboard and its timeline during his weekly appearance on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio’s “The Morning Drive” on Monday.

“That is the ultimate goal, is to get as much information as we can – first and foremost to the drivers and crew chiefs that they can see and react to – but ultimately to the fans,” O’Donnell said. “So if you’re sitting at the race track, and you’re on your device, we want you to essentially be in Denny Hamlin’s car and be able to see what he is seeing and react to it.

“It’s evolving, and it’s something that we think can be a real game changer for the sport in terms of us showcasing technology. There’s also some proprietary information. We want to make sure we keep that with the teams from a competitive standpoint, but some really cool stuff potentially coming for ’16 and I think the fans will ultimately enjoy what they see.”


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