IROC Holdings LLC, a joint venture company created by NASCAR Hall of Fame member Ray Evernham and former NASCAR Cup Team Owner and venture capitalist Rob Kauffman, announced the formation of the joint venture and the acquisition of the rights to the IROC brand.  Known as IROC (International Race of Champions), a series of races was held annually from 1973 to 2006.

IROC brought together the greatest drivers from all forms of motorsport to compete against each other in iconic cars on historic tracks. Although the annual events ended in 2006, the legacy and recognition of the IROC brand has continued throughout the years. IROC Holdings plans to bring the historic brand back to life.

IROC Holdings has been formed to house the business operations with the intent to have an IROC racing event in 2024 with historic IROC race cars while exploring future opportunities.  The company will initially be based in Mooresville, N.C.


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