Bristol Motor Speedway, a renowned leader in the motorsports industry, is proud to announce the release of three stunning renderings showcasing the much-anticipated restoration of the historic Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. The unveiling of these renderings marks a significant milestone in Bristol’s commitment to preserving Nashville’s rich history while bringing back the glory of this iconic racing venue.

The updated plans propose long overdue renovation and improvement to the historic speedway, which has not had any meaningful attention by the city since its use was preserved in an overwhelming vote by Davidson County voters in 2011. Since that date, the Fairgrounds campus has been a priority for modernization with a new expo center, new MLS stadium, Fair Park improvements and more. A partnership proposed by Mayor John Cooper would complete the comprehensive renovation of the Fairgrounds and provide the speedway with an economically viable future.

Bristol signed a partnership agreement last year with the Nashville Metropolitan Mayor’s Office to lease, restore, and operate the historic Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. The partnership agreement solves a major operations and financial problem for Nashville and will deliver projected revenues of over $200 million to the city, while generating millions of dollars for other businesses at no cost to taxpayers.

An independent assessment, prepared by Driven International and procured by Metro Government, identifies numerous projects that require immediate attention due to safety concerns. Recommendations include resurfacing the track and pit areas; rebuilding and expanding the track’s outside barrier and catch fence; and installing a modern SAFER barrier system.

Beyond the safety needs, the consultants urge modernization of the facility to address outdated hospitality and patron experiences, stating “… the concessions and restrooms have not been updated in many years, and ADA compliance generally across the venue is considered to be lackluster. Overall, the Fairgrounds is a much-loved and historic speedway in a great central location but needs repair and modernization in several key areas if it is to function well.”

The renderings symbolize Bristol’s commitment to restoring the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway as a world-class racing venue. The revitalized track is poised to attract top-tier NASCAR events, drawing racing enthusiasts from across the nation to Nashville. With this influx of visitors and avid fans, the city is poised to benefit from increased tourism, local spending, and elevated revenue generation, positioning Nashville as a premier destination for motorsport excitement.

Bristol Motor Speedway president, Jerry Caldwell commented on the renderings: “We are thrilled to unveil our vision for the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, a venue that embodies the heart and soul of racing history in this remarkable city. We continue to be committed to the opportunity to provide an unforgettable racing experience for fans and racers alike.”

A vote for the Bristol lease partnership is a vote to preserve Nashville’s history, enhance the surrounding Fairgrounds neighborhood, bring NASCAR racing back to Nashville, and generate millions of dollars of revenue for local businesses.

Nashville Renovations 1
Speedway Alley – A Fan Communal Area:
The first rendering depicts the awe-inspiring creation of Speedway Alley, a fan communal area adjacent to what would be new ticketing offices and the speedway entrances that captures the essence of the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway’s storied past while embracing the future. Designed with beauty and functionality in mind, Speedway Alley will be a vibrant gathering place, celebrating the deep-rooted racing culture that has thrived for generations in Nashville. Fans will find themselves immersed in an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement, fostering unforgettable memories to be cherished for years to come.
Nashville Fairgrounds Renovation Rendering
2. Turn Four Under the Lights:
The second rendering showcases the picturesque vision of cars racing side-by-side into turn four under the lights as they zoom past the enclosed suites and toward the frontstretch grandstands. This revitalization reaffirms our commitment to preserving the history and legacy of this beloved speedway while introducing modern advancements that will undoubtedly captivate fans and racers alike.
Nashville Renovations 3
3. 20-Foot Sound Reduction Barrier:
The third rendering introduces the incorporation of a cutting-edge 20-foot sound reduction barrier made of a perforated aluminum face, absorptive rock wool fill, and solid backing, further solidifying Bristol Motor Speedway’s dedication to harmoniously integrate the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway with the surrounding community. This innovative barrier will reduce noise levels by 50%, ensuring the tranquility of nearby residents while allowing motorsport enthusiasts to experience the thrill of NASCAR racing up close and personal.


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