NASCAR announced Tuesday the suspension of Cody Ware as had been lifted.

Ware was suspended on April 10, following his arrest. Last Thursday prosecutors dismissed the charges against him.

The charges for [Cody Ware and his girlfriend] were dropped Thursday by the Iredell County district attorney’s office. The dismissal filings in both cases indicate prosecutors couldn’t proceed without their testimony. They also indicate that civil litigation — Ware’s family and Rick Ware Racing team had filed two civil suits against Ware’s former girlfriend — will be dismissed.

“I’ve maintained my innocence from the very beginning, even as there was a rush to judgment by others,” Ware said in a statement. “I’m glad this entire matter is behind me because it’s been an incredibly difficult eight months. With all of the allegations being dismissed, I’m thankful to have my life back.”

Rick Ware Racing and Rick Ware, individually, filed lawsuits in November against Ware’s girlfriend, claiming she made false statements to police to harm Ware and the team.

The team lawsuit claims that because of the arrest, the team lost $3.5 million in sponsorship, including that from Biohaven, which was signed through 2024. The team also claims that it spent more than $300,000 on drivers to replace Ware.


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