Daytona International Speedway president Joie Chitwood III issued a written statement today announcing the addition of new SAFER barriers at the Florida speedway.

“Following the completion of the February race events, Daytona International Speedway, working closely with NASCAR and International Speedway Corporation, performed an extensive review of the facility and developed a significant plan for additional safety initiatives,” said Chitwood.

Prior to the July NASCAR weekend, a number of safety initiatives will be completed, including an additional 20,000 square feet of asphalt in Turn One, realignment of a portion of inside retaining wall from the infield road course exit to Turn One and installation of SAFER barrier on that realigned retaining wall, as well as the existing retaining wall in Turn One.

New SAFER barrier will also be installed on the retaining wall at pit road exit, and between the exit of Turn Four to pit road entry.

“In addition, based on material availability and timing, we will install SAFER barrier on the outside backstretch wall and will complete as much as possible prior to the July NASCAR weekend,” Chitwood said. “Following the July races, we will complete any remaining installation of SAFER barrier on the outside backstretch wall, and continue to install SAFER barrier on the remaining areas of the property. We will provide additional updates regarding our safety initiatives as circumstances warrant. The safety of the competitors and our fans is our top priority.”


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