Erebus Motorsport plans to enter some NASCAR races in 2024, capitalising on its relationship with Richard Childress Racing and driver Brodie Kostecki’s desire to explore more action State-side in 24 and beyond.

The exact nature of the campaign will not be known until the release of the 2024 Supercar and NASCAR calendars, but CEO Barry Ryan says this is not a pipedream or publicity stunt, it is real and providing calendars align it will happen.

“It is something we’ve talked about for a while, and I’ve always told Betty (team founder Betty Klimenko) that it should be something we look at,” Ryan explained.

“With Brodie having so much interest in it, too, and with what he did, it’s silly not to keep developing our relationship with RCR for the benefit of both teams.

“RCR definitely sees value in it for their road course program, and we see value in it. If we can send more staff over there and get some experience in between events, it’s invaluable.


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