The 2025 Cup season is about 10 months away and no agreement has been reached on extending the charter system, but Jimmie Johnson says that team owners remain a “unified group.”

Johnson, co-owner of Legacy Motor Club, met with the media Saturday morning at Texas Motor Speedway and was asked about where things stood between team owners and NASCAR.

“I think it’s going to come down to deep in the year … Right now it’s still posturing,” Johnson said. “I know we feel like the clock is ticking, but if you look at how much time is left, we’re just getting into the eighth inning, maybe ninth inning of what really needs to happen in negotiations for all parties.”

Asked if the main issue is money or something else, Johnson said: “To steal a Mr. (Rick) Hendrick line, ‘It’s not about the money until it’s about the money.’ Ultimately, there are protections, I think, that team owners are looking for for longevity that absolutely shore things up for them financially.


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