A No. 21 Ford rests inside the Wood Brothers Racing garage. More than half a dozen tool drawers — donned in the iconic red and white that usually adorns Wood Brothers machines — surround the building’s interior. Race banners hanging up high signify some of the more memorable chapters in the team’s near-75-year history. History worth remembering for NASCAR’s oldest team.

Jon Wood, Jordan Wood Hicks and Keven Wood converse inside the well-shaded confines. A keen sense of optimism is prevalent among the trio. And while the April temperature gives off summer-is-in-the-air vibes, the general mood between the three individuals shines as bright as the weather outside.

This optimism doesn’t solely derive from the trio’s family pride in being a part of the Wood Brothers’ legacy dating back to childhood. It also comes from what lies ahead. Jon Wood is taking over Team President duties from his father Eddie Wood, who is stepping down from day-to-day duties. Jon, Jordan and Keven are team co-owners, a third generation that follows the second-generation group of Eddie, Len Wood and Kim Wood Hall.


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