Levi Kitchen will join the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team in a two-year deal, the rider confirmed earlier this week on the PulpMX Show.

“I just needed a change … I wanted to try something new and kinda focus a little more on myself a little bit more as far as the training aspect goes,” RacerX.com reports Kitchen said during the podcast. “And just get a little more freedom. Which Mitch [Payton] was super down with as long as I put in results for him, he pretty much said I can do whatever I needed to do.”

In late September, a few days after the completion of the SuperMotocross World Championship World Finals, Kitchen confirmed he would be leaving the Star Yamaha team after three seasons of competition with them.

Kitchen swept the top 10 in the three playoff races and finished fourth in the standings. Kitchen also scored top-five points finishes in both the Monster Energy Supercross West division (third) and in Pro Motocross (fifth).

“It’s obviously a gamble, just as much for [the team], as it is the rider,” Kitchen continued. “We’ve seen it in the past. Usually, the guys who make it work, they end up being really good, not just like good, you know what I mean. All the guys that are on their own are winning right now. That’s just kind of where I was at with it. I wanted to work in silence a little bit more.”

During the show, Kitchen said he anticipates riding in the 250 SX West division again, but a firm decision has not yet been made.


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