NASCAR teams may employ safety modifications to the their cars starting this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway, NASCAR announced Wednesday.

The modifications are a result of NASCAR’s investigation into the damage to Kyle Larson‘s car after it was hit by Ryan Preece‘s car in last month’s Talladega race. The severe impact moved the right side door bars on Larson’s car.

NASCAR is allowing teams to add six right side door bar gussets to prevent the door bars from buckling in such an impact. NASCAR is providing the gussets to teams at no charge.

NASCAR states that the front clip V-brace must be removed from the assembly.

Teams were provided this information in a May 12 memo from NASCAR. The memo stated that additional chassis updates are under consideration. NASCAR is conducting two days or crash testing Wednesday and Thursday at a facility in Ohio.

Here is a look at where the gussets will be located on the right side door bar:

A look at the locations of gussets teams can place in the right side door bars. (Photo: NASCAR)


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