The karting scene is set to witness the arrival of the CS55 Racing Kart, a fusion of the prestigious OTK Kart Group’s manufacturing expertise and the racing spirit of Carlos Sainz, the well-known Formula 1 driver. The collaboration is rooted in a shared history, with Sainz’s early career linked to OTK Kart Group and its leading brand Tony Kart. This partnership is reignited as they unveil the CS55, a kart that celebrates Sainz’s ongoing passion for the sport—reflecting not just his professional training but also his personal enjoyment of karting.

The CS55 is a result of this renewed collaboration, drawing on the technical excellence of OTK Kart Group, which has spent four decades mastering the art of kart design and production. This new brand carries Sainz’s racing number and is characterized by a distinctive color palette of black, red, and yellow, mirroring the racer’s helmet and personal brand.


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Constructed with a 30mm diameter steel tube frame, the CS55 Racing Kart is available in both Junior/Senior single-gear and shifter versions, incorporating the proven performance features synonymous with OTK’s brands. This first model under the CS55 brand is a testament to the high-caliber results that Sainz and OTK have achieved in the past, including notable victories in international competitions.

Aspiring and seasoned karters can anticipate the availability of the CS55 Racing Kart through OTK’s official global sales network, offering a product line that promises to deliver an edge in performance and style on karting tracks around the world.


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