William Byron provided an update Tuesday on his mother Dana, who was diagnosed with a MALT Lymphoma tumor in the left side of her brain earlier this year.

Byron stated on social media Tuesday that “after 3 intense months (of treatment), she had her follow-up scan and just got the results last week and it was great news! There are no visible signs of the tumor and it responded positively to the radiation as they had hoped.

“They can’t say this early that she is in remission, but it is the best possible outcome we could hope for. She will have regular MRI’s indefinitely to keep an eye on things but can work on getting her strength back and hopefully live a long life!

“Mom wants to thank you for all your many prayers, flowers, meals and gifts. She feels very blessed to have so many people who care about her. Thank you all for your continued love and support!!”

To read the full note from Byron, check out his tweet:


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